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Building Relationships

Who are we?

We build relationships...

CCG is a company that leads a team of construction partners with extensive experience in residential and commercial property remodeling and restoration projects.
We focus on creating an atmosphere of trust and support in every planning process.
It's important to us to ensure that our beneficiaries have the experience of feeling guided in bringing their ideas to life.


Our History

Carmonas Construction

We are a group of construction partners dedicated to remodeling, renovating, and adapting residential and commercial properties.

Established in 2018 and based in Orlando, Florida, we believe in our ability to build unique and enduring relationships with our clients and partners through personal contact and connecting with their expectations and desires.

We offer comprehensive services, comprised of logistical and operational processes aimed at restoring the functionality of spaces, updating or creating designs from scratch in the structures, modernizing technology, electrical and plumbing systems to make them innovative, safe, and comfortable.

We are committed to ensuring services that exceed expectations, are efficient in terms of time and budget, and that the support is competent and professional from start to finish.

For us, it is important to be able to serve people in the realization of their dreams through construction projects that provide communities with a comfortable, safe, and sustainable home over time. Likewise, for commercial property owners, we aim to create a business space that inspires confidence and professionalism among their own employees, clients, and partners.

CCG is currently engaged in construction projects throughout the state of Florida and in cities in the state of Georgia. Our work team is highly experienced and has a wide background in the field of construction.


Our work team is highly experienced and has awide background in the field of construction.

About Us

Our Mission

We endeavor to advance the perception of the construction industry through professionalism and performance; enhancing communities one project at a time.

Core Values

At CCG, Fortitude signifies our unwavering commitment to confronting challenges with courage and resilience, always delivering reliable services regardless of the complexities involved.
Unity represents our belief in fostering a collaborative environment where each team member contributes their unique expertise, enabling us to achieve a collective strength that outmatches any individual effort.
Our core value of Optimism is reflected in our forward-thinking approach, as we strive to anticipate and solve our client’s future needs, firmly believing that every problem comes with an opportunity for innovative solutions.
Refinement, to us, means a relentless pursuit of perfection in our craft; it’s our pledge to continually improve our processes, services, and skill sets, ensuring our work always represents the highest standards in the industry.

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